Gertrude of meringue milk

Another one that I have copied from the Canecositas Recipe Book, I made it on New Year's Eve, I thought it was more laborious, but it turns out that in a little while you have the cake ready and with a great flavor. The milk mousse meringue I write it down in favorites.

Gertrude of milk merengada

2 sugar cubes stuffed with cream
130 grs. of milk
2 sticks of cinnamon
The skin of half a lemon and 5 sheets of gelatin
300 grs. of condensed milk
400 grs. of cream to mount
3 whites
Cinnamon powder

We leave the gypsy arms for a while in the fridge to harden them a little and it costs us less work to cut them thin slices. salad bowl about 28 cms. with film paper.
Cut the little arms into thin slices and place them on top of the film.
In a saucepan, on the fire, put the normal milk, the cinnamon sticks and the lemon peel, and let it cook a little to take the taste of cinnamon and lemon.
We put the gelatin leaves in cold water to hydrate.
Remove from heat, remove the cinnamon and lemon peel and add the leaves of gelatin drained and stir until dissolved.
Add the condensed milk and stir well.
We mount the cream and reserve in a salad bowl.
We mount the whites with a pinch of salt, we reserve in the same bowl on top of the cream and sprinkle well of cinnamon powder.
We join the whites with the cream with enveloping movements and we are adding a little milk that we have in the saucepan, which will be warm, and continue stirring gently until everything is well integrated .
We incorporate this mousse into the salad bowl with the little sugar cubes car, sprinkle the whole surface with ground cinnamon and cover with the rest of the little arms that will serve as base.
We store in the freezer or the refrigerator until the next day.
For the head and legs I used half-nights, for the eyes two cloves and for the mouth a piece of icing in syrup.Preview